Vietnamese singers “Koreanised”.

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Vietnamese singers “Koreanised”

Returning from South Korea, pop star My Tam immediately issued an album which features South Korean lifestyle, contributing to the trend of “Koreanisation”..

Vietnamese singers “Koreanised” - Bản có dấu.
Vietnamese singers “Koreanised” - Bản không dấu.
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Vietnam singer: Mỹ Tâm

Vietnamese singers “Koreanised”.

As Korean movies  are flooding Vietnamese  TV channels and Korean fashion is popularised on the street, a large number of young people are undergoing “Koreanisation”. Grasping at this trend, many Vietnamese  singers are trying to “Koreanise” themselves to attract young audiences.

My Tam cooperated with South Korea’s Nurimaru Pictures to conduct a music  project which aimed to create a new, Korean-like lifestyle.

On her latest album, Vol. 6, another joint product with Korean partners, My Tam looks more like a Korean singer. The singer said she didn’t sing in Korean but the album has two songs  written by two Korean song  writers, Cho Sung Jin and Lee  Han Boem.

The “Koreanising” trend in music  perhaps began with Ho Anh Dung’s album, which shows Korean style in every aspect, from dances to colour and costumes. When Dung’s album was issued, many young singers praised and wanted to imitate the style. Those who couldn’t cooperate with Korean partners joined hands with local producers to make video  clips in Korean style.

Singer, model  Ngo Thanh Van has video  clips that are similar to those of Korean singer Lee  Jung Hyun, from costumes to dances and hair style.

Singer Nguyen Phi Hung has released several albums on which he sings Korean songs. My Le admitted that she likes Korea’s young and bustling performance and fashion style so sometimes Vietnamese  audiences see a “Koreanised” My Le. 

Recently, Hua Vi Van appeared with an absolutely new look, but it is the same as South Korea’s star Bi Rain. Some fans of Bi Rain protested Hua Vi Van’s new look on their blogs.

Ung Hoang Phuc has produced a video  clip in conjunction with South Korean partners, in which the story  has the same motif as a familiar Korean TV series with a triple love  story, pain, tears and serious disease.

Other pop singers like Lam Truong, Nguyen Vu and Bang Cuong have been “Koreanised” sometimes, in their costumes, dances and performance styles. Many young singers also plan to coordinate with Korean firms to produce Korean-style albums.

Building idol singers has become a movement in some regional countries, including Vietnam, but instead of building their own styles, many singers want to imitate Korean ones, ultimately an uninspiring approach.

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